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There are numerous gold chains online shops that offer a wide selection of gold chains. In order to choose a suitable and high-quality chain design in gold during a distance purchase, you must take into account a few factors.


The size and weight of an adult’s chain depend more on the type of weaving. You can find gold chains with a thickness of 2 to 20mm. But according to the prevailing stereotypes, the standard width of gold chain should not be less than 4 mm.

Standard thickness:

  1. From 2 to 3 mm – easy weaving with thin links;
  2. From 4 to 5 mm – the average thickness that can withstand the weight of the golden pendant;
  3. From 5 to 20 mm thick chains with a complex pattern and large limbs.

If you plan to wear the chain with a pendant or a cross, it should be remembered that the weight of the chain should be twice as high as the weight of the trailer, otherwise the chain may tear under the weight, resulting in additional expenses for the repair the gold accessory will lead.

Because of the large thickness, the weight can reach 50-60 grams, although this is not the limit. For a person who did not wear massive jewelry around his neck, it can be uncomfortable. But over time, the feeling of discomfort will be lost.


Gold chains use different types of gold. Yellow is the most common. The usual yellow color speaks about quality and exclusivity. Very often you choose cheap, gilded jewelry. The gold-plated chains do not last long and lose their original appearance very soon.

The second most common type of gold is white gold. White color can be obtained by blending into an alloy of one of the three metals. These are platinum, palladium and nickel. Most expensive are the white gold platinum chains. They are characterized by strength and durability, unlike nickel-based products.

Standard samples for gold jewelry are 375, 500, 585, 750 and 958. However, the best price / quality ratio is considered to be 585 and 750 samples.


Because of a bad quality closure, you can lose the chain. Therefore, one should pay attention to the type of clasp when choosing an expensive accessory, especially if the owner has an active and lively lifestyle.

Types of closures for chains:

  1. Spring-ring closures;
  2. carabiner;
  3. “Box”.

Spring-ring closures are typical for thin gold chains. They have low reliability and durability.

Lobster clasps are stronger, but they do not fit massive products. You can hold chains of small and medium weight.

The «box» closures have a high degree of reliability and longevity. Since such a closure contains no springs, but consists of a piece of metal, it does not break and does not wear. But such closures are intended only for ornaments of medium and heavy weight.

Choosing the right chain will be much easier if the future owner takes part in it. But when you buy online, you have to manage yourself and follow the recommendations. The main thing is not only to choose in appearance, but also to pay attention to the qualitative characteristics.

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