Dark Circles- What Can be Done?

There are some beauty maladies that plague everyone at some point; wrinkles, acne and the dark circles under our eyes. Whether you suffer from these dark circles occasionally or have to deal with the panda-like pigment daily, it can feel impossible to get rid of them. There is no single cause of dark circles, which can make it difficult to address them. There are several routes you can take for treatment of dark under eye circles. Let’s check them out:

Lifestyle Fixes

You will not find a miracle cure that will banish these dark circles completely from your life. But, there are some lifestyle fixes that can help you in achieving this goal over time. You need to sleep for at least 8 hours a day, reduce consumption of caffeine and keep your skin hydrated. Other things you need to eliminate include sun exposure, smoking, stress and excessive consumption of alcohol and salt.

Skincare Solutions

There are a number of eye creams that you can use for reducing dark under eye circles. Look for those that contain vitamin E, antioxidants such as green tea and Retinoids because these are the most effective in reducing the dark under eye circles. Lastly, don’t forget to use sunscreen because exposure to the sun contributes to these dark circles.

Professional Treatments

Apart from the other methods, there are also professional and medical treatments that can be used for dark under eye circles. You can undergo LED light therapy that utilizes specific wavelengths of light for building collagen and correcting surface damage. There are hyaluronic-acid based fillers that have proven to be very effective because they fill the under-eye hollows. There is also the option of undergoing laser therapy, such as fractional laser therapy, which can tighten the skin under your eyes and reduces the appearance of blood vessels.


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