Right Shirts Come with the best Suits

Your shirts can be different colors each time you wear your blue ensemble. Besides your must-have white shirt, you can also choose blue and pink. These are shades that go very well with your navy and midnight blue suit. And to give personality to your outfit, a shirt in pastel tones or, on the contrary, a black or purple shirt is a refined choice. Regarding the choice of your tie, as long as there is blue in the patterns, you can choose it. This does not prevent you from taking a plain tie, the result will always be magnificent. If you’re wearing a white shirt, go for a burgundy or bottle green tie and you’re done.

The black suit: an essential for your look

The made to measure suits is a timeless for a man. It is often easy to wear and ready for formal events. Apart from being the perfect outfit for a funeral, the black suit also has an aesthetic advantage. Indeed, black refines the silhouette and helps hide imperfections that you do not want to show. The black suit is also worn in all circumstances, it is a matter of personal choice in the end. Also, in order not to fall into a mistake when choosing your shirt, it is best to always go for a white color. You can vary the colors as long as the shirt is light. You highlight the black suit.

However, nothing prevents you from choosing a total black look, it’s daring, but it’s trendy. The trick is to form a successful outfit with your black suit. The accessories are very important for the final rendering. So, for your tie, don’t hesitate to choose black, because it’s chic. Nevertheless, try to wear the black tie with a shirt of a different color than white. So you won’t risk looking like a waiter. With your white shirt, prefer a red tie to add elegance to your outfit.

The olive green suit: the trend of the moment

If you like to be “in” when it comes to menswear, choosing an olive green suit is obvious to you. In addition, this color is original, but goes very well with all types of skin tones. To be on trend, opt for a cut above the ankle for the pants. So you are sure to be up to date when you go to social events. The olive green suit is for those who dare to stand out from the crowd. You too, opt for this color to assert your personality. Wear it with a chambray shirt matching a solid tie and your look will be perfect. It’s both a chic and trendy outfit, it’s a challenge that will push you to step out of your confidence zone. Fashion is so made, a simple unlikely colored suit can take you far.


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