Training Your Baby to Sit Up 

Every mother waits for their baby’s milestones eagerly. Try are a sign that the baby is doing well in terms of growth and development. While they are expected to come naturally, parents can also do a few things to help their babies achieve them faster. Such includes getting them toys to help them develop their motor skills as well as reading to them to fasten their language skills. There are also ways you can help your baby learn how to sit up faster. They include:


You can start by placing the baby on your lap or tummy. This position prompts them to exert some energy and find another position where they can freely move or see things. You will notice that the baby will wiggle and flail their arms like they want to sit up. Don’t, however, expect them to get right up and sit down. Be there to encourage them and if you think they have struggled hard enough, get them up yourself.

You can also place them on a soft rug then put a toy or something enticing within their view. This should motivate them to get up faster.


Children learn by what they see. Don’t just put them on the floor then leave. Get down there with them and play with them. You can place them on your ensemble queen bed for more space and comfort. Cheer them on and encourage them to let them know that they are doing great. If they don’t get it, go ahead and demonstrate it. Sit up in the simplest way you can while the baby watches, then encourage them to do it too. You will be surprised at how fast they learn.

While at it, you can also demonstrate other essential things like crawling and picking up items. Don’t, however, put them through thorough and harsh training sessions. If they don’t seem interested, then try again another time or day.


When the baby’s head and back are strong enough (at about four months), start sitting him up on a baby chair. Prop them up with a pillow so that they don’t topple over. This helps to strengthen their back, core and other body muscles they will be using when sitting up.

Most important of all, be there with them. Don’t prop them in a bunch of pillows then go away. Sit with them, play and encourage them. Let them know that you are proud and smile as much as you can. They need positive energy. Watch for any signs of fatigue, especially in the first few days of learning. They can quickly tire out from the new position, and you will need to pick them up.

The bottom line is that all babies are different. They learn things at their own pace and achieve developmental milestones at their own time. Give your baby all the encouragement he needs and watch him grow.

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